The 411 on our gold filled + sterling silver jewelry 
so here’s the scoop, babes! 
bijoux’s high quality gold filled {GF} pieces have the same appearance as 14k gold, and GF items, even with daily wear, can last 10 + years! why?! 
because GF jewelry has 100x more gold than gold plated {GP} jewelry and because that layer is 5-10x thicker, it means GF pieces lasts longer and will stand up to wear and tear better than GP. all it would take is one small scratch on a GP piece to expose the brass underneath.
bijoux's sterling silver is also of the highest quality. if not worn daily, sterling silver will oxidize. this is a natural process that occurs with this metal. there's no need to worry if you take your jewelry out, and it has oxidized. there are a few options for cleaning it depending on how dark the silver has gotten. baking soda + water paste is one of our faves! reach out to us if you need any recipes! we are always happy to help our babes!
1. how can I care for my bijoux pieces?! 
just like any other jewelry, GF  + sterling silver items can get dirty over time! to keep them looking fresh + shiny, you can use a jewelry cleaner or mild soap with a baby toothbrush! the toothbrush will ensure you don’t scratch the surface!! when not worn, we also suggest always storing your jewelry in a jewelry box, or a pouch with an anti-tarnish strip. this will help your sterling silver from oxidizing as well. 
2. will my skin turn green from this gold jewelry?
NOPE! not from bijoux + spice! our gold filled jewelry is nickel free and only high quality metals are used. all of our pieces are hypoallergenic (unless stated otherwise) and are completely safe! as long as you can wear solid gold, you're good to go babe!
3. how long will my order take to ship?
any orders that contain custom made bracelets will ship in 5-7 business days. otherwise 2-3 business days! after orders are shipped, you will receive a tracking number. bijoux + spice is not responsible once your items are in USPS hands. if something is lost or stolen you will need to contact them directly
4. do you ship to my country?
we ship worldwide!
5. do you accept returns?
all items are final sale. 
6. can I cancel my order?
     we apologize, but we currently have a no cancellation policy. once your order is placed it is immediately put into our processing que, and cannot be cancelled. 
7. what if something in my order is wrong?
in the event that there is something wrong with your order, you will need to contact us within 3 days of order arrival! we will be happy to help resolve any issue you may have!
8. my bracelet is too big/small!
we can resize a bracelet for you for a $5 resizing fee! however, shipping charges are the buyers responsibility 
9. how do I know my bracelet size??
please see bijoux's size guide for instructions. if still unsure, we will make your bracelet a standard 6.5"